Each month we will add to our growing number of interviews with current and former charter pilots, commercial pilots, flight instructors, air traffic controllers and engineers, which will show you the path they took for starting their career, the jobs they have worked in and some of the highlights. It’s worth signing up to our email list to be notified about new content.


  • Career Interviews – Captain Clyde Woodward

    Clyde has over 30 years’ experience as a Charter and Commercial Pilot, having started his career flying tourists around the outback in the Northern Territory.

  • Career Interviews: Captain Clinton Shields

    Captain Clinton Shields from QantasLink is a Pilot and flight operations manager with a diverse range of skills and experience which encompasses airline, military, fixed and rotary wing aviation. He has a passion for providing effective and quality flight training while mentoring the flight crew of the future. In this video Captain Shields talks about radio calls for joining inbound traffic at a controlled airspace and how to gain a career as a commercial pilot.