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solo flight
Nine important tips for flight training which will help you to go solo sooner!

Does this sound like you? You decided to learn to fly and you were enjoying your flying lessons.  At first flying didn’t seem that hard… but then… you started circuit training. Now you are learning the art of landing and taking off and completing circuit after circuit but something is wrong, and you feel as […]

Becoming a pilot
How do I become a pilot?

Pilot training at large flight schools starts with a Private Pilot Licence but you can also start with (and save money on) your Recreational Pilot Certificate. Step 1: Recreational Pilot Certificate The first thing you will do is sign up for temporary membership of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAA), which covers you for your first 3 […]

student learning to fly
The seven crucial things every parent must know before their child learns to fly

Congratulations (or commiserations) on having a child who wants to become a pilot. Most likely your child will say they want to become an airline pilot but it’s also possible they’d like to become a helicopter or military pilot.  Let’s assume that you have decided that, as a loving parent, you want to support their […]

flight school
Five things you must know before choosing a flight school

How to compare apples with apples It is no surprise that the second most visited page on the GoFly website is the ‘fleet and pricing’ page. Price is important for most customers however the issue with pricing is that most flight schools do not disclose their full costs. For instance many flight schools show the […]

You can’t buy yourself a Pilot Licence (how flight training really works)

As the Chief Pilot and owner of a busy flying school, one of my main roles is making sure our customer’s expectations are met. This comes down to clear communication on how the student’s flight training course will progress even before they complete their first lesson. It also means giving honest feedback along the student’s […]

How and why we created the world’s first 360-degree online flight lessons

Four years ago I decided to make the first ever Australian ‘Recreational Learn to Fly’ DVD series. The reason I created the DVDs was because I discovered students were not remembering everything they learned in the cockpit and they wanted a way to both remember what they had learnt on that particular lesson as well […]

Great places to visit now that you can fly a plane

There is something magical about flying an aircraft into an new destination then stopping for lunch or an overnight stay. As the owner of a busy flying school I often get asked by pilots who have obtained their cross country endorsement, about places to fly to for the day or for an overnight stay. Knowing […]