GoFly Online was dreamed up by a team of professional aviators and content producers with the aim of bringing you the most beneficial flight training experience to supplement your current or future flight training.

Throughout the year, the team at GoFly Online will continue to create and upload stunning content, which will add further value to your 12 month Basic or Premium subscription.
Damien Wills, CEO of GoFly Group
Damien has a passion for flying, teaching and innovation. He has over 30 years of flying experience and has owned his own highly successful and innovative flight school for more than 10 years. Damien was frustrated with the lack of innovation in the flight training industry so started creating the first professional fixed-wing flight training videos in Australia back in 2012. He created Learn to Fly DVDs, advertised them in aviation magazines and posted them out to customers. With advances in technology, he has now been able to become the filmmaker he always wanted to be, and produce training and pilot interview videos for online purchase and viewing.


Stephen Limkin, CEO of Light Studios
Stephen Limkin is an award winning documentary filmmaker and flying instructor. Stephen has been involved with the film industry for over 10 years. Stephen is passionate about innovation, film and flight training so GoFly Online is the perfect platform to combine all of his talents and interests.


Thomas Gregg, Co-Owner of Bravo Zulu
Thomas is Director of Bravo Zulu, a highly successful web development and digital marketing company based in Brisbane. Thomas is a passionate aviator who has combined his knowledge and talents in the online space to co-develop this innovative platform.