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  • Interpreting weather charts

    Student pilots need to know how to read a weather chart so that they can fly safely. Brisbane’s Channel 9 weather man, Garry Youngberry, explains how to read weather charts, understand isobars, high and low pressure systems, cold and warm fronts. To see more educational videos for pilots, visit

  • Colin Appleton flying the Extra300

    Colin is an experienced Aerobatics teacher based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.

  • GoFly Aerobatics Training with Colin Appleton

    Aerobatics Instructor Colin Appleton discusses why he thinks every pilot should do aerobatic training. GoFly Aviation is now offering Aerobatics training. Visit:

  • Aerobatic Promo video
  • GoFly Online Testimonial – David Karan

    David recently studied for his Instructor Rating and found the online videos very helpful.

  • GoFly Online Testimonial – Paul Coetzee

    Paul recently did his Instructor training with GoFly Aviation and found the GoFly Online videos helpful for learning the instructor ‘patter’ .

  • Career Interviews – Captain Clyde Woodward

    Clyde has over 30 years’ experience as a Charter and Commercial Pilot, having started his career flying tourists around the outback in the Northern Territory.

  • Recreational Pilot Certificate Promo Video
  • RPC Lesson 3: Climbing and descending (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to climb and descend the aircraft at varying angles of climb and varying rates of descent.

  • RPC Lesson 9: Practice Forced Landings (Pre-flight 2D)

    In this lesson you will learn how to identify a field to land on in the event of an inflight emergency such as an engine failure. You will learn how to complete your emergency procedures and land safely in the event of an engine failure.